Hello and Welcome to Twader Tweets,

The idea for the site is simple. To offer common, relevant, curated lists, hashes and searches of traders who tweet that many other traders would find useful,and to present them in one easy to use web site that works as well on my mobile phone as it does on a desktop.

There's a wealth of interesting ideas to be found by trolling Twitter feeds with various search terms and hash tags. And not to find the latest“Hot Tip” or even a high tech approach of using big data and AI to decipher market sentiment out of positive and negative words, like some hedge funds have tried and like I shopped around to angel investors with some other proprietary ideas. I more simply found a lot of interesting insights and links to interesting articles that I wouldn’t have found otherwise by viewing the typical leading financial news sites that everyone knows. I felt I got the pulse of the markets from various tweets that gave me the feeling of having the next best thing to being back on an open outcry trading desk in NY. Often a tweet would trigger an idea that lead to further research and then other tweets and links would continue to confirm and validate an idea worth pursuing. And I know many other traders and investors find similar value from twitter and use various tools of their own to follow it.

Twader Tweets is my attempt to share a lot of my curated trader lists and hash as well as keyword searches of twitter in one convenient platform that might cut down on some of the noise. And the site is designed to be responsive so you can view it equally well on a mobile phone. I’ll be completing sections and adding more feeds on an ongoing basis, as well as presenting summary pages of top tweets. I hope you like it and find some value from it. It’s only going to get better from here.

Feel free to email me at info@twadertweets.com with some information about yourself and your feedback.

Kevin Maxwell